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Classic Water Mattress for slatted frames (light weight waterbed)

Many people know: waterbeds are the world’s best sleep system. The highly exaggerated prices charged, especially in Europe, were however criticized. The Moonlight Team has the aim to make waterbeds affordable for EVERYONE!

For the almost unbeatable price of EUR 349.00 EUR,
you can receive our classic waterbed mattresses in the following sizes :

80cm x 200cm
80cm x 190cm
90cm x 200cm
90cm x 190cm
100cm x 200cm
100cm x 190cm

120cm x 200cm (+75€)

or even in 140cm x 200cm, 140cm x 190cm for an extra charge of only 150,00 EUR.


The waterbed mattress is 20cm high; it holds approx. 120 litres of water.

Wassermatratze klein

The delivery includes:

One complete waterbed mattress in the size you specify, with a water core of 50% (medium stabilisation) or with 90% stabilisation at an extra charge of only 50.00 EUR (high stabilisation) , inclusive of our special soft side basin and protective liner (safety basin), an energy-saving waterbed heater, a high-quality, machine-washable towelling cover and 5 years“ warranty!

In orthopaedic medicine, waterbeds have been used successfully for many years. Sleeping on our luxury waterbed mattresses contributes to the perfect relief of your spine and joints. Relax while you sleep!


The special construction of our waterbeds makes it possible that, compared to ordinary waterbeds, only a small amount of water is required. In most cases, it is therefore not necessary to modify or refit your existing bed. Depending on the size, around 120 litres of water are required; the load capacity required is therefore only approx. 60kg/m². The supplied heating element made by the well-known manufacturer “Calesco®“ can be infinitely adjusted to temperatures ranging between 20 and 36°C. As a result of the lower water volume and the excellent insulation of our waterbeds, the energy consumption of approx. EUR 7.00/year is significantly less than that of ordinary beds! Pleasantly cool in summer and snug and warm in winter!Please also order our care kit (conditioner + vinyl cleaner + vinyl crème + vacuum pump). The price for the complete kit is only a sensational 35.00 EUR.


One of the most significant benefits of the Moonlight waterbed is the unbeatable standard of hygiene. For people suffering from asthma or allergies, we offer the Clearest®-Cover for an extra charge of only EUR 50.00. With the Clearest®-Cover, you will be able to combat allergic reactions perfectly.The Clearest®-Cover prevents dangerous spores from growing and from establishing themselves.


Enjoy almost weightless sleep! The Moonlight Waterbed offers an optimum level of stabilisation! As a result of its unique design and the temperature-dependent stabilising system, your body is able to relax faster and better.


The Moonlight heater can be infinitely adjusted. With a sensationally low energy consumption of only around EUR 7.00/year, the Moonlight heater is a very economical and environmentally friendly solution.


Order the matching accessories now!

… and for only 35.00 EUR, we will send you a matching care kit, consisting of conditioner, vinyl cleaner, vinyl crème and a vacuum pump! Please be advised that regular care for your waterbed is an integral part of the warranty agreement!!!

Terms of delivery:

The price for the delivery of a waterbed mattress to England is only 80.00 EUR.In addition, you will also receive the assembly instructions and the terms and conditions of our warranty agreement in German or in English, as required.
• Delivery insurance available on request
• Goods available ex warehouse / ex factory, short delivery times
• Delivery only against prepayment at bank transfer

We advise you to also order our care kit (conditioner, vinyl cleaner, vinyl crème and vacuum pump) for the sensational price of only 35.00 EUR.